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ChoosingThe Right Brush

Choosing The Right Brush

Don't underestimate the power of a good brush.Fingers are all well and good, but when it comes to perfect blending or precise outlines, nothing beats a good set of makeup brushes.We suggest the top tools of the trade to give you total glam.Make room on your dressing table for these brushes that will work wonders on your face.Also, apply your make-up in the right order, it can make all the differences in how the final effect looks.

An Alluring Base: Dot foundation or a natural-tinted moisturizer with a UV filter on your cheeks, chin and forehead.Blend with fingers or a damp, cosmetic sponge.With a small and soft artist's brush, apply concealer cream under the eyes to cover shadows.To create the perfect canvas, use a brush with thick, dense bristles to evenly dust your T-Zone with translucent powder.Compared to a sponge, a brush evens out the skin tone better over a large area while still giving it a sheer look.

A Warm Glow: Blusher warms and enlivens the skin, helping to accentuate cheekbones and contour areas. For an all over-glow, take a large, soft brush and swipe blush over your cheekbones, forehead, and temples and add a touch to the chin.This instantly brightens up a dull and colour-starved complexion.During the rainy seasons, opt for powder blushers, as they have the most staying power.Apply small amount high on the cheekbones, below the eyeball.Sweep the brush outward, away from the nose, blending carefully to avoid hard wedges of colour.Try Optic Fibre Brushes, as they never pick up too much product and ensures that the blusher or bronzer goes on evenly.

For Your Eyes Only: The perfect made up eye is a result of careful blending and building of colour with a wide variety of brushes.Apply highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and the browbone with a brush.Apply pale muted shades on the inner eyelids and darker eye-shadow on the outer corners of both lids to balance the eye depth.If you don't have a steady hand, don't apply the eye-line with a brush.If you do use a brush, keep to the lash roots.

Flirt With Me Lashes: Mascara adds the final frame to your eyes and completes your eye makeup.It separates the lashes very effectively and lasts well.Always apply your mascara first on the lower lashes, brushing from the roots to the tips.Apply two light coats, separating in between with a clean eyelash comb.Viola! Long, thick and lustrous lashes.With a few sweeps of L'Oreal Paris Intensifique Mascara, make a statement with your impossibly long lashes!.You'll also love Estee Lauder's New Illusionist Maximum Curling Masacara that has a patent-pending flex-fibre brush for precise application.Absolutely no smudges.Well-defined and tidy brows balance the face and give it character.Use an eyebrow brush with a slanted edge to smooth and brush the brows into shape.

Brush Your Luscious Lips: For full luscious lips, it's important to apply your lipstick the right way.Well chosen color and shine, carefully applied, can enhance lips tremendously, whatever their shape.Smudged outlines or a faded ring of color at all.Outline lips carefully with a thin and smooth lipbrush-this stops the color from bleeding, and gives a precise but less harsh finish than a lipliner.Soften the line by dabbing gently with the lipbrush.Finally, fill your lips in.Top it with a clear gloss for lips that look edible.

Brush Care: Whichever sort you use-Nylon or hair-your brushes should be kept clean and replaced once a year.After use, wipe off excess make-up from your brush with a tissue.If needed, wash in lukewarm water, using mild shampoo.Rinse thoroughly.Dry on a rolled towel, and then press the brush back into shape with fingertips to prevent feathering.Lie flat to dry.The key to a flawless finish is the tools.


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