Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holiday is Comin

Hi.. Holidays are Coming.. ini nih rencana nya settingan baju buat liburan heheh.. bongkar2 lemari dulu ahhhh

Awanee dream

a Lil Bout my Dearest One:
Name : a'1
DOB : May 8th 82
Hobbies : Basketball, Table Tennis Ball, IT Freaks, Workahollic
Addicted to: Computer Off Course...
Fave Colours: Absolutely Blue
masqu.. Nutting words to say bside " i Love You soo much".. i hope you could be the last man standing for me.. i want us to always together for Good and Bad Times.. for Better for Worse.. Hope Our Dream could come True..

absolute Weekend Outfits

This my Style Plans for this weekend.. off course i dont have those branded items, but at least i've similar stuffs like those's a lil vintages but still seems looked trendy.. because i combine a vintage clothes with colourful bag..soo its a perfect combination (in my opinion) for this weekend.. Honey..i'm coming

oishi Yoshinoya

"Irasemasei.." (sorry if i'm wrong but i dont know the spelling..) that's the welcome greetings from this small resaturant..... yess its Yoshinoyaaaaaa.... i miss eat this yoshinoya's one of the cheaper lunch box at Tokyo... but i dont know when i'll visited tokyo again...once i find it's stall at KLCC Food court.. but the taste is different i think they have changed the recepies.. i like miso's bowl serve with miso soup and 1 fresh egg..cant describe it's tasty food..i just like it!!! i'm just waiting for indonesia franchiser who willing to open this 1st stall here in jakarta.. when??.. only time will tell :)

CombRo oh Combro

when everybody eat pizza, burger or fried chicken.. i'm looking for this tasty "cemilan" .. dont laugh at me..its true i've falling in love with it..if you ask me to choose slice of pizza or a plate of combro..i'll choose combro instead than pizza...why?? because it's less cholesterol off course and its traditional recipes.. we have to taking a good care of traditional recepis.. (hehehe..)
i dunno why..this is a COMBRO weeks for me.. almost all day i've dreaming eating delicious crunchy spicy combro...but unfortunatelly its hard to find where's it.. the last combro i ate is in my boyfriend housing area (a.k.a Tambun city).. watta yummy combro.. since that i'm becoming a biggest fans of combro... i've tried to make it by my self (with my mom hand..actually...) but i didn't look like what's on my imagination.. its not crunchy.. then i thought what's the secret recepies for made a crunchy combro??? does anybody know??? today i've got this recipes from one site i forgot the adress..but i haven't try know i'm very bizy (hehehe)..but i promise i'll try it this weekend (insya Allah) this is it:
Resep CombroBahan :
1 kg singkong parut
1/2 butir kelapa parut
1 sendok teh garam
Isi :
4 buah bawang merah dan
2 siung bawang putih dihaluskan
1 mangkok kecil tempe bungkil/oncom (potong kecil-kecil)
Cabai rawit menurut selera
3 batang daun bawang dirajang
3 batang daun seledri dirajang
Kecap manis
Gula secukupnya (pengganti MSG)
Cara membuat :
Singkong parut di campur bersama kelapa parut, garam dan gula.
Tumis bawang merah dan bawang putih halus,
lalu masukkan,oncom, garam,merica, Kecap manis, penyedap masakan cabai rawit,daun bawang dan seledri.
Ambil adonan sebesar bola pingpong, pipihkan dan isi dengan adonan isi,
lalu bentuk bulat lonjong lalu goreng dalam minyak panas.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Its One of my Fave Cemilan....(for me its just like a "cemilan")

One of the normal tradition of us Asian people during breakfast and tea time is to drop by coffee stall or shop to have a cuppa with toast bread, or some other meals. The most common and easiest is Toast bread. (nowdays..i'm trying to be part of them...hehehe)

Like in Indonesia, we will have a cup of coffee, two half boiled eggs and a meal, like lontong, fried noodle, kwetiaw or bee hoon or anything else.

Eversince the first time I step my foot in Singapore, the breakfast habit has been changed. Bread for everyday’s breakfast. I will drink coffee, milk, have some wholemeal bread and fruit if I have. :)

One of the nice coffee stall and the famous one in Singapore is Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffee Stall. It is located almost everywhere in Singapore, near offices, shopping malls and housing areas.

The most common set meal that I always have is two slices of kaya butter bread, two half boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. Perfect and nutritious breakfast. :)

Who would have thought that the simple pairing of bread and kaya would become such an everyday favorite? Kaya, a sweet spread, is made from coconut milk, egg, sugar, and pandan leaves. The more usual version of this coconut egg jam is green in color, but some folks prefer the other version which is caramel-colored. Spread over a slice of bread, this fragrant jam is simply sublime.

No one is exactly sure about the origins of kaya, but it probably has its roots in the Malaysian peninsula. In Singapore, Hainanese (a Chinese dialect group) coffee shops were among the first that started offering toasted bread and kaya. They would grill the bread over charcoal, then spread it with kaya and butter.

Yakun_02 This plate contains two servings of kaya toast.

Yakun_03 Revealing what goes on between the sheets bread.

The toast at Ya Kun's is thinner than the usual sandwich bread, and this is why it can be toasted till so crisp. The crispiness is contrasted with the smoothness of the kaya and slabs of cold butter. It's a truly fabulous sensation when you bite into warm, crispy toast, with smooth kaya and melting butter oozing with each bite. No chance of the melting butter this time. Cold toast isn't a good conductor of heat.

Where To Find Ya Kun Kaya Toast:


Ya Kun Kaya Toastindo Kelapa Gading Sports Mall Lantai 1 No. A - 3 Jalan Raya Kelapa Nias Blok H F - 3 Kelapa Gading , Jakarta Utara Tel/Fax:62-21-2850 7717

OUTLETS Jakarta MKG 2,EX Tel:62-21-3199 0157,Setiabudi One,PIM 2, Plaza Senayan

ChoosingThe Right Brush

Choosing The Right Brush

Don't underestimate the power of a good brush.Fingers are all well and good, but when it comes to perfect blending or precise outlines, nothing beats a good set of makeup brushes.We suggest the top tools of the trade to give you total glam.Make room on your dressing table for these brushes that will work wonders on your face.Also, apply your make-up in the right order, it can make all the differences in how the final effect looks.

An Alluring Base: Dot foundation or a natural-tinted moisturizer with a UV filter on your cheeks, chin and forehead.Blend with fingers or a damp, cosmetic sponge.With a small and soft artist's brush, apply concealer cream under the eyes to cover shadows.To create the perfect canvas, use a brush with thick, dense bristles to evenly dust your T-Zone with translucent powder.Compared to a sponge, a brush evens out the skin tone better over a large area while still giving it a sheer look.

A Warm Glow: Blusher warms and enlivens the skin, helping to accentuate cheekbones and contour areas. For an all over-glow, take a large, soft brush and swipe blush over your cheekbones, forehead, and temples and add a touch to the chin.This instantly brightens up a dull and colour-starved complexion.During the rainy seasons, opt for powder blushers, as they have the most staying power.Apply small amount high on the cheekbones, below the eyeball.Sweep the brush outward, away from the nose, blending carefully to avoid hard wedges of colour.Try Optic Fibre Brushes, as they never pick up too much product and ensures that the blusher or bronzer goes on evenly.

For Your Eyes Only: The perfect made up eye is a result of careful blending and building of colour with a wide variety of brushes.Apply highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and the browbone with a brush.Apply pale muted shades on the inner eyelids and darker eye-shadow on the outer corners of both lids to balance the eye depth.If you don't have a steady hand, don't apply the eye-line with a brush.If you do use a brush, keep to the lash roots.

Flirt With Me Lashes: Mascara adds the final frame to your eyes and completes your eye makeup.It separates the lashes very effectively and lasts well.Always apply your mascara first on the lower lashes, brushing from the roots to the tips.Apply two light coats, separating in between with a clean eyelash comb.Viola! Long, thick and lustrous lashes.With a few sweeps of L'Oreal Paris Intensifique Mascara, make a statement with your impossibly long lashes!.You'll also love Estee Lauder's New Illusionist Maximum Curling Masacara that has a patent-pending flex-fibre brush for precise application.Absolutely no smudges.Well-defined and tidy brows balance the face and give it character.Use an eyebrow brush with a slanted edge to smooth and brush the brows into shape.

Brush Your Luscious Lips: For full luscious lips, it's important to apply your lipstick the right way.Well chosen color and shine, carefully applied, can enhance lips tremendously, whatever their shape.Smudged outlines or a faded ring of color at all.Outline lips carefully with a thin and smooth lipbrush-this stops the color from bleeding, and gives a precise but less harsh finish than a lipliner.Soften the line by dabbing gently with the lipbrush.Finally, fill your lips in.Top it with a clear gloss for lips that look edible.

Brush Care: Whichever sort you use-Nylon or hair-your brushes should be kept clean and replaced once a year.After use, wipe off excess make-up from your brush with a tissue.If needed, wash in lukewarm water, using mild shampoo.Rinse thoroughly.Dry on a rolled towel, and then press the brush back into shape with fingertips to prevent feathering.Lie flat to dry.The key to a flawless finish is the tools.


Brush Wish List

Like i said before.. its an investment..

Full Coverage Kabuki Brush

by Bare Escentuals

Description: Firm, full brush provides fast and perfectly controlled application of bareMinerals Foundation.

Retractable Kabuki Brush


Description: This retractable kabuki brush is short, full brush for the controlled application of powder.

All About Brushes

Big Buddha Brush Set from URBAN DECAY
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Powder Brush -
Big and fluffy, this brush lays down a perfect application of loose or pressed powder.Blush Brush - Soft domed shape perfect for dusting on blush for an all-over glow. Try using it at an angle for fierce definition.
Crease Brush –
Round, paintbrush shape contours and blends. Great for getting in the crease while softly blending color out.
Wonder Brush -
Small and flat with a rounded tip – this brush does it all! Apply shadow with precision, lay down concealer, smooth on lip color, line eyes and more.
Blender Brush -
Large brush with a fluffy shape that sweeps shadow across lids and blends out color.
Brow Brush -
Not too soft, but not too stiff, this angled brush lets you define your brows naturally or dramatically. Or, use the thin edge and firm texture to perfectly line your eyes.

Pink Lippen

hhmm i dont know why i like smooth colors of lipstik everything nudes and pinkies are my favourites.. i'll try to collected the colours, then i'll save them all on this Blogs... then i'll try to have it (off course if i have money).. but i'm not a kinda girl who likes collect make up items.. but i'm trying to have it..

Dark Make up

Yesss.. everyone must be like it.. you'll felt mature an sexiest...but.. i'm personally cant do that (fiuhhh.. my make up taste are very bad isn't)
then i've found this one...


since i regulary read one Blogs whic is dominated with women who talks anything about make up and beauty class.. from there i knew everything about make up, this session i'll let you know about Brushing, because i'm personally didn't have good sense of make up.. and i dunno how to apply right blush on. Soo i grab this Picture to Guide me...

pREEty Little Girl

Hmmm.. how about this make up?? i gurantee that u'll look 5 years younger than your ages.. hahaha.. juat try it..
i'm not a kinda girl who like full make up.. i think this make up are enough to show your inner...

Golden Make Up

Golden are glamorous.. this tips might be useful for you when you have plans to go to party invitation.. eq:wedding. its quite preety make up.. not to full..this is why i like this colours...
then i learn to follow this tips.i'll post my pict later..

Fresh Look

How to get a Fresh Look?? perhaps you all have tried anything to look Fresh everyday.. i just added your references to get your new fresh look..

Make Up Session

Bored with your regular Make up?? Try this one.. hope you can be the new you :)


Boots Body Butter

1. Capture the essence of the Mediterranean using this blend of ORGANIC and wholesome ingredients to produce a simple, healthy beauty recipe Uplifting Bergamot oil, Refreshing and revitalising Orange oil Softening and calming Olive oil

2. Capture the essence of the Mediterranean using this blend of organic and wholesome ingredients to produce a simple, healthy beauty recipe Nourishing and soothing organic almond oil Moisturising and conditioning pistachio oil Silk softening milk extract

In my humble Opinion----Its Very recomended.. i always bought 200ml only 129K.. when i use it my skin felt smooth (but not too Moist and not too Dry) its has average moist.. and the most important things are: its very smelly..and the smell are fresh it will awake your mood.. tRy it!!!

Cup Cakes

CupCakessss.. I Love it..because of its cuta appearences.. Very Smelly..and Tasty.. look at that..its look cute.. but unfortunatelly i only knew 1 Store here in Jakarta, Only in EX.. anybody.. do you know the other Stores?

Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch continues to be the bag of choice for celebrities across the globe. Lucy Liu was recently spotted with the Beverly in woven metallic calf and the Lautner, our key style for Autumn Winter, is a big hit with both Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon who owns many pieces from the current collection. Sightings also include Kate Moss with the Suzette and Anne Hathaway with the Maud whilst Sophie Dahl has attended numerous events with her beloved Lulu clutch in leopard. Later..i'll find out Indonesian Celebrity who Use Anya Hindmarch "Real" Bags....

My Frens

i've lotta Frens.. But since we're all have our Own Bussinness.. we actually getting far each other sumtimes.. i remember all the beautiful memmories we had... remembering all the things that we've done... miss yu gals.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a Traveller

i'm a kind of traveller girl... i love to travel whenever i can and if i have money off course.. it's one of my wish list this year..i want to go Umroh but the present vacation are Singapore (again and again) because this is the only place where i can said its going abroad,.. but the fact is singapore is a part of Indonesia,its only have they own Label (a.k.a Country).. I've been Visit Japan (Tokyo and Yokohama) last Year, i never go that far.. there's a lot of things that i want to share with you i'll tell you later....

What to wear to Office

Frens..sekarang klo mau ngator kan baju kerja macem2 tuhh.. sampe kadang2 bingung mau pake apa buat kerja besok pagi.. truss klo jalan2 ke Mall juga contohnya ambasador gitu lo pasti bingung deh mau beli yang mana coz modelnya dah variatif banget..udah ga itu2 aja.. modelnya udah ga se konservatif dulu yang harus pake rok mini n blazer ke kantor nahh aku mau bagi2 ide nihh syapa tau berguna gitu buat yg udah keabisan ide ngantor pake baju apa gw sich seneng juga padu padan kostum tp kadang2 suka ga pede ngegabungin kostum yg gw mau ya udah take a look yaaa

Crazy bout Shoes

" Why Woman Like Shoes??? i dont know the reason.. the one thing i knew is its cute.. and i felt preety when i use beautiful shoes on my feet... soo which one u choose galz??

my Wish List Part 1

this is my wish List... Watta Preety, georgeous, Luxurious, Cute, Fabulous Bags.. (fiuhhh) 1. Bags Part 1 PS:
  • Row 1----Louis Vuitton Joke Bag, Channel Large, BCBGMAXAZRIA 'Mona' Large Satchel Handbag, Bottega Veneta
  • Row 2---Birkin kelly, YSL Patent Square Bag, Marc Jacobs Baby Blue, 15 "it-bags" de l'hiver : cabas tendance
  • Row 3---Botkier Vacation tote, MiuMiu leather Coffer Bag, Balenciaga Hortensia Print, Balenciaga Arena City Bag

my Style

i always love i can create fashion items i want... its my 1st set... with title Fun time..

it's me aDis

hellow... i dont have nutting to say bside..i'm trying2 b a blogger.. trying to share my life with U all.. it's all aboUt my Life...i always felt that i have a wonderful Life.. soo i wanna share it all... not only for fun.. but it can be a place where i can storage every single part of my Life so that it can be a memorable Album of my Life....

Keep On Growing my Dear

pregnancy week by week