Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Its One of my Fave Cemilan....(for me its just like a "cemilan")

One of the normal tradition of us Asian people during breakfast and tea time is to drop by coffee stall or shop to have a cuppa with toast bread, or some other meals. The most common and easiest is Toast bread. (nowdays..i'm trying to be part of them...hehehe)

Like in Indonesia, we will have a cup of coffee, two half boiled eggs and a meal, like lontong, fried noodle, kwetiaw or bee hoon or anything else.

Eversince the first time I step my foot in Singapore, the breakfast habit has been changed. Bread for everyday’s breakfast. I will drink coffee, milk, have some wholemeal bread and fruit if I have. :)

One of the nice coffee stall and the famous one in Singapore is Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffee Stall. It is located almost everywhere in Singapore, near offices, shopping malls and housing areas.

The most common set meal that I always have is two slices of kaya butter bread, two half boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. Perfect and nutritious breakfast. :)

Who would have thought that the simple pairing of bread and kaya would become such an everyday favorite? Kaya, a sweet spread, is made from coconut milk, egg, sugar, and pandan leaves. The more usual version of this coconut egg jam is green in color, but some folks prefer the other version which is caramel-colored. Spread over a slice of bread, this fragrant jam is simply sublime.

No one is exactly sure about the origins of kaya, but it probably has its roots in the Malaysian peninsula. In Singapore, Hainanese (a Chinese dialect group) coffee shops were among the first that started offering toasted bread and kaya. They would grill the bread over charcoal, then spread it with kaya and butter.

Yakun_02 This plate contains two servings of kaya toast.

Yakun_03 Revealing what goes on between the sheets bread.

The toast at Ya Kun's is thinner than the usual sandwich bread, and this is why it can be toasted till so crisp. The crispiness is contrasted with the smoothness of the kaya and slabs of cold butter. It's a truly fabulous sensation when you bite into warm, crispy toast, with smooth kaya and melting butter oozing with each bite. No chance of the melting butter this time. Cold toast isn't a good conductor of heat.

Where To Find Ya Kun Kaya Toast:


Ya Kun Kaya Toastindo Kelapa Gading Sports Mall Lantai 1 No. A - 3 Jalan Raya Kelapa Nias Blok H F - 3 Kelapa Gading , Jakarta Utara Tel/Fax:62-21-2850 7717

OUTLETS Jakarta MKG 2,EX Tel:62-21-3199 0157,Setiabudi One,PIM 2, Plaza Senayan

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