Thursday, May 22, 2008

CombRo oh Combro

when everybody eat pizza, burger or fried chicken.. i'm looking for this tasty "cemilan" .. dont laugh at me..its true i've falling in love with it..if you ask me to choose slice of pizza or a plate of combro..i'll choose combro instead than pizza...why?? because it's less cholesterol off course and its traditional recipes.. we have to taking a good care of traditional recepis.. (hehehe..)
i dunno why..this is a COMBRO weeks for me.. almost all day i've dreaming eating delicious crunchy spicy combro...but unfortunatelly its hard to find where's it.. the last combro i ate is in my boyfriend housing area (a.k.a Tambun city).. watta yummy combro.. since that i'm becoming a biggest fans of combro... i've tried to make it by my self (with my mom hand..actually...) but i didn't look like what's on my imagination.. its not crunchy.. then i thought what's the secret recepies for made a crunchy combro??? does anybody know??? today i've got this recipes from one site i forgot the adress..but i haven't try know i'm very bizy (hehehe)..but i promise i'll try it this weekend (insya Allah) this is it:
Resep CombroBahan :
1 kg singkong parut
1/2 butir kelapa parut
1 sendok teh garam
Isi :
4 buah bawang merah dan
2 siung bawang putih dihaluskan
1 mangkok kecil tempe bungkil/oncom (potong kecil-kecil)
Cabai rawit menurut selera
3 batang daun bawang dirajang
3 batang daun seledri dirajang
Kecap manis
Gula secukupnya (pengganti MSG)
Cara membuat :
Singkong parut di campur bersama kelapa parut, garam dan gula.
Tumis bawang merah dan bawang putih halus,
lalu masukkan,oncom, garam,merica, Kecap manis, penyedap masakan cabai rawit,daun bawang dan seledri.
Ambil adonan sebesar bola pingpong, pipihkan dan isi dengan adonan isi,
lalu bentuk bulat lonjong lalu goreng dalam minyak panas.

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